LOADERS - Westendorf’s versatile line up of front-end loaders is designed to fit both two- and four-wheel drive tractors ranging from 10 HP to 325 HP. With over 8,700 fits and growing daily, you don't have to buy a new tractor to get the latest loader technology. Westendorf loaders fit well, have a rugged design, and don't interfere with the task at hand.

100 SERIES - The 100 Series was designed as a mid-sized, high strength loader for horse owners, acreage owners or anyone who needs the power to move things fast and easy. This series is ideal for tractors ranging from 10 HP to 90 HP. Some of the unique patented features include: the Snap-Attach™ System allows fast switch over from bucket to multiple attachments and the signature Power-Mount™ System that hydraulically mounts and dismounts a loader in less than 2 minutes without the use of tools or dangerous stands. Other features include:clean bucket interior, higher reach and lift capacities, skid steer compatibility, level indicators, precision joystick with fingertip control and color coded quick connect couplers.

WL SERIES - Our Tried & True lineup of Westendorf front end loaders fits tractors up to 240 horsepower and includes a loader that's perfect for your old or new 2WD tractor. The WL Series' simple, yet rugged design, first-class workmanship, get-it-done performance and unmatched power will make quick work of any task. You're going to love what's new and improved. Level Position Indicator. Bucket Position Indicator. Hydraulic Power-Mount™, Snap-Attach™ system. Hydra-Snap™ one-step coupling. Standard high-capacity bucket. Amazingly low-profile design. The list goes on and on. When your shopping for a loader, no matter what the size-range, versatility, performance and workmanship are important. So is the value. Our Westendorf Loaders are backed by over 70 years of experience and are built to maintain the highest resale values on the market today.

CUSTOM CONTOUR - They are the finest front-end loaders on the market today. Westendorf's quality, styling, low-profile, new technology and performance puts you out in front of the pack and keeps you there. There are NO hoses on the exterior of this loader. All hoses and lines are run through the interior arm of these loaders with easy-to-access panels at the rear of the tower. Designed for today's newer, sleeker, 4WD tractors with large front tires and fenders. Unrestricted turning abiltiy. True Power-Mount™. Patented Snap-Attach™ system. Hydra-Snap™ one-step hydraulic coupling. Heavy-duty, high-capacity bucket with chain hooks and no-rib interior. Unbelievably sleek, low-profile design. The list goes on and on. A complete Westendorf system is the only tool you need to solve your material handling problems.

TA-SERIES - Our expansive Traction Action (TA) product line includes a wide variety from Mid-Sized loaders to Super-Sized loaders designed to fit 2WD and 4WD tractors ranging from 10 HP to 240 HP. Nobody knows loaders like Westendorf. No matter what the need or which tractor you are trying to fit, Westendorf can fit you into a loader that's a cut above the rest. Just look at some of the key features that create the Westendorf advantage. Hydraulic Power Mount™. Patented Snap-Attach™. Custom adjust brackets. I-beam construction. Level-Matic™ - true self-leveling. Low-Profile design for 4WD tractors. Hydra-Snap™ one-step coupling.

XTA-SERIES - It's the modern styling for modern tractors with the BIG EXTRAS you want. These loaders are built for today's larger, stronger front-wheel assist tractors. It is an excellent loader for everyday use for handling materials such as manure, silage, and hay. These high-lift loaders have an excellent low-profile fit for increased visibility and clear sightlines while working. Fits most models with fenders. Offers great oscillation and fits narrow rows. Mount or dismount this big loader in just minutes with the patented Hydraulic Power-Mount™ feature. Patented Snap-Attach™ System. Heavy-duty construction and grease-from-the-end pins with replaceable bushings. Hydra-Snap™ one-step coupling.

ATTACHMENTS - Westendorf has an amazing selection of over 60 attachments to choose from to match your material handling needs--starting with our buckets, which have been the best and the biggest in the industry. Specialty buckets have been designed for jobs that call for a more specific tool to get the job done, like our patented Z-47 feeder bucket and the feed bunk bucket. The patented 3-D Cat Claw grab fork, and other grapple style attachments hydraulically mount to our buckets. Our patented Stack Savers® series of bale spears saves time and makes stacking bales quicker and easier. The new patented line of mechanical and hydraulic Brush Crushers™ is ideal for handling brush and other lopsided materials. We also carry a complete line of lift and carry attachments such as V-plows, fork buckets, dozer blades, bale spears, forklift attachments, and much more.

COOL CAP CANOPIES - This patented canopy by Westendorf has a distinctive shape that matches your tractor with a clean automotive finish. Stay "cool" in the shade with this designer tractor canopy while adding value to your tractor and protecting yourself from the sun's harmful rays. This sun shade's high gloss, patented iso-ceramic finish provides a durable UV resistance that minimizes sun fading. Available in many colors and custom colors to compliment your tractor. Includes reflector package. Two mounting bracket options available--Easy-Off or Low-Profile.

WAGONS AND WAGON GEARS - Westendorf Heavy-Duty Wagon Gears are designed for many years of rugged use. Wagon gears have an extra short turning radius, superior trailing, a variety of tire options, anti-wear bushings, easy coupler tongue, special reach clamp, and the larger models include tongue with spring lift. Wagon packages include a Westendorf box with easy access ladder, built-in rocking bolsters, windows, directional lights, and smooth, strong steel wrap corners. With these extra advantages combined with our competitive price, you are sure to get the best value for your dollar.

LANDSCRAPER™ - Whether you are reclaiming land, forming and maintaining drainage ditches, constructing terraces, removing snow, or spreading rock or gravel, the convenient features of the Westendorf boxscraper, the Landscraper™ will allow you to perform your task in the toughest conditions. This boxscraper is the most versatile piece of equipment anyone can buy. It's not limited to just farmers, but landscapers, urbanites, and contractors welcome the versatility it brings to the job site. Users love the heavy, sharp cutting edge and weight of the box on the Landscraper™ that provides additional cutting pressure to do their most difficult landscaping tasks. Not only does the Westendorf Landscraper™ get the job done, it gets it done with ease by allowing complete operation and hydraulic adjustment of the blade without ever having to leave the tractor's seat! The easy to monitor tilt gauge rod shows the cutting depth at a glance. The hydraulic tilt option allows independent adjustments of the blade up to 12". The jack stand provides easier hookup to tractors or pickups and comes equipped with a travel lock to ensure safe transport over long distances.

DUMP SPREADER - The first all-hydraulic spreader on the market today. Its simple design concept and versatility make it the obvious solution when hauling and spreading liquid or semi-liquid materials. There are NO aprons, NO chains, NO seals, NO tracks, NO leaking, and NO worries with the Dump Spreader. It doesn't have a rear gate with seals or tracks that can leak, chains that can break or aprons that can freeze-up, even in the coldest of climates. It can be used for many applications, not just manure. It will work great as a dump box to haul snow, sand, wood chips, liquid tobacco waste, lime, and more. It quickly mounts on any 3-point hitch.